Dear Voter,

I am running for the office of Knox County Public Defender. You may be wondering how who the Public Defender of Knox County is will impact you personally. If living in a safe and prosperous community is important to you, who the Public Defender is matters.

As your Public Defender, I will help increase safety and prosperity in Knox County. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to creating clear pathways to help impoverished citizens create successful lives that benefit our communities. I will help defendants by providing them with the tools to lift themselves up and end the cycle of crime.

If I could sit down with you in person and have a conversation, here is what I would want you to know. As both a former assistant public defender and prosecutor in Harlan County, Kentucky, and as a practicing defense attorney in Knoxville for the past 10 years, I have seen first-hand the devastating impact of poverty, mental illness, and drug and alcohol abuse and how it leads to criminal behavior. I bring a balanced and nuanced perspective on how the system works.

In fact, I have a 3-step plan for how I will strengthen the Knox County Public Defender’s office and put practices in place to stop crime before it starts.

Let’s come together and make meaningful advances that will build crime free communities, reunite families and help give those that deserve it a real opportunity to change their lives.